My Metamorphosis

When I made the conscious decision to embrace and embody the personification of a pimp, I knew that if I was to successfully bring about the results that I knew I could create, in and only in the capacity of a pimp(I will expound on this arcanum at a later time), I knew that I would have to dedicate and avow my life to doing so; and so I did. I’ve chosen to begin my blog with a slightly modified version of my up and coming Manifesto because there was a point in my métier as a pimp when I too detested the title and the excerpt from which I’ve chosen to draw inspiration from expresses this point precisely. Nonetheless, at about this time I had been “pimping” for a few years but I, like most of the masses, believed that a pimp was a béte noire; and thus I, at that time, avoided all ownership of the infamous title. Doing so was actually quite advantageous at times. Many women who I had dealt with or had spoken to had absolutely nothing nice to say about “pimps,” therefore by way of my circumlocutory use of this “opprobrious” term I was able to do business with women who would not have dealt with me otherwise. This repudiation of mine, however, didn’t negate the fact of what I was doing or who I was or rather more to the point of my aforementioned Manifesto, who and what I’d soon become; but I guess this repudiation made me feel better about myself at this time. I haven’t always been impervious to the things that are said about pimps, nor have I always thought for myself. Since then, however, much has changed. And for those who have the strength of stomach to withstand the many paradoxes that are soon and surely to follow, and more importantly a mind that churns not on the axis and accord of societal standards, but on the axis and accord of your own intellectual endowments, then whether you’re a pimp or a prostitute or a professional or a member of the laity, then you just might walk away from this blog with a

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