The Philosopher’s Stone

     So about a year before I fully assumed the role and incurred the responsibilities of a pimp(the latter being much more weighty than one would expect) I had begun to scour the web for all this closely connected to pimping and prostitution; I think I was able to somewhat sense this metamorphosis, or rather this “mortification” taking place within me; and I think it was this insidious and seductive sensation that piqued my interest into the dynamics of a real pimp. Nonetheless, in so doing I “stumbled” upon a blog, written by a woman, whose name I will not disclose, but this woman was in search of a pimp. “If pimps were so bad, then why was this woman, and legions of other women who were likewise utilizing her blog, all in search of pimps?” This was my reaction to what I had found. Again, just about every woman, primarily prostitutes, that I had spoken with in regards to “managing,” had all circumvented the auspices of a pimp. Many of them had had dealings with “pimps” in the past, and because of this reason they refused to again subject themselves to such a sticky situation. Others, although they had yet to have dealings with a pimp, had heard enough about them to know that they too did not want to subject themselves to such a sticky situation. This, too, was another huge factor that magnified my repudiation.
     Nonetheless, at about this time the only real pimp that I had ever witnessed, and who had achieved a minimal level of “success” in my eyes, was my uncle. Besides him I had met a few “pimps” in and around the hotels and motels that I had done “business” out of, but these men, or rather these males, were all the epitome of what I once believed a pimp to be; therefore I too avoided them like the plague. Moreover, as a common method of recruiting prostitutes, one of many methods that is, pimps send propositional type text messages to the phones of prostitutes in hopes of procuring their “endorsement.” Having had dealt with dozens and dozens of prostitutes, as well as having had employed this selfsame method of recruitment myself, I frequently read the endless and tactless messages these “pimps” would send to them. It’s no wonder why I once avoided the the title of a pimp. These men, or rather these males, who were on the sending side of these messages, that is to say the “pimps,” all just about spoke, or rather wrote, which to me makes matters even worse, in a rather crude and common colloquialism(at a later point in this blog I will post photos of actual text message dialogues between pimp and prospect). Whether or not they’d be able to consummate the ostentatious lifestyles that they were laying claim to is neither here nor there. To me, it was the fact that these grown “men” had yet to develop a descent dialect that likewise magnified my repudiation.
     My main distinction, and I have many, has always been my rhetoric. Where as a “pimp” commonly refers to his “eloquence” as the “gift of gab,” or something equally as frivolous, I simply like to refer to my way with words, and the weight within them, as “rich and resonant.” Not only does this simplicity sound much better, but it’s a much more appropriate description for the many ways in which I express my thoughts. Moreover, “gab” denotes “idle” and/or “trivial” talk, or chatter. And absolutely nothing about what I say, not even my banter, could be considered even remotely close to being idle or trivial talk. In addition, growing up my mother would always admonish me for so much as using slang terminologies. I use to detest her, or rather I use to detest what she was doing. However, still to this very day I am infinitely and ineffably thankful for the many grammatical remonstrations that I received from my mother. What’s more, through a great deal of effort and the aid of Divine machinations, I’ve, in a sense that is still developing, become a syntax specialist.
     Nevertheless, in addition to this mind blowing blog that I had “stumbled” upon was also a forum that I had found. The name of it and the website on which I found it I will also refrain from mentioning, but it too was equally as galvanizing as the aforementioned blog. In short, this forum was a platform for open discussion on all things related to pimping and prostitution and was moderated by two anonymous pimps and included a large audience of participants. Around the time that I had “stumped” upon this forum there were about 50 or so entries from all different kind of individuals. Some were pimps, some were prostitutes, some were squares who were interested or intrigued for reasons that I do not know, but many different things were discussed and many different facts, opinions and forms and facets of advice were given freely and gratuitously. Having had considered myself to be a dilettante at this time, I simply perused the website, not knowing what to say or ask. My opinion at this time on most of the matters, I was beginning to learn, was insignificant, but one post in particular did catch my attention. It was written and posted by a pimp, his name I do not know nor whence he was I know not either, but in short he had described in great detail his at that time situation, or rather his imbroglio. So I followed suit.
     Within a span of about for or five paragraphs I too, in sufficient detail, described my at that time situation – or much like my counterpart my imbroglio – which was in short this: I was living in a one bedroom condominium in Sandy Springs, Georgia (an affluent suburb north of Atlanta) that I both lived in and used as an “incall.” For a period of about a few weeks I had 2 new back prostitutes working for me (how these women came into my life I will talk about at a later time). The younger of the two women, whom was 19, and I use the term “women” only for the “professional” integrity of this blog, rather than the term “hoe,” which is the term that I’m much more fond of vocalizing, was a quadroon whose remaining pedigree was a pastiche of Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic. Her skin was a brilliant ormolu complexion, smooth and lustrous. Her hair, a golden-vermillion like that of brilliance and beauty of the sun, was of the rarest and richest quality. The contours of her body gave credence to the Coke-bottle comparisons of a woman’s curves. In short, the only denotation deserving enough to describe this woman’s appearance was “ambrosial.” In regards to her counterpart, she had a cute countenance and a bankable body, but that is the extent of the encomium that I feel is owed to her aesthetics.
     Beyond all of this, both women had websites that I had personally designed and built myself. And in addition to this advertising agency I was also utilizing websites such as the infamous Backpage, CityVibe, MyProcidersGuide, TheEroticReview, all basically online brothels(may these websites Rest in Peace) and a few other similar agencies to attract clientele, including social media sites. Much of what I had done I regards to the aforementioned agencies took a few days to accomplish; there was the process of creating accounts and waiting on website approvals and whatnot. Nevertheless, no later than a few hours after becoming acquainted with these two women, and taking only the most basic but necessary photos essential for advertising, money was being made. Again, the development and dynamics of my relationship with these two women will be potentially elaborated on at a later time, but it took all but a day or so for them to decide, of their own volition, to give me all of their earnings. The fair colored quadroon was of course making more money than my dark hued myrmidon, but that was only natural considering certain factors that aren’t important right now.
     Now for those who are unfamiliar with the term “myrmidon,” it denotes “an unquestioning follower.” Moreover, to magnify the merit and meaning of this terminology, myrmidons were legendary Greek warrior people of ancient Thessaly who were commanded my Achilles on the expedition against Troy. Within a matter a of weeks, possibly even days, this is exactly what these two women had become to me, my myrmidons. This term – myrmidon – I have painstakingly sought-after and selected, or rather, in my personal opinion, this term has been Precisely placed before me, after much seeking, so that I could express this very peculiar and possibly even paradoxical, depending on perspective, fact. And that is to make know the type of devotion that these two women had for me, or rather the the type of devotion that is rendered by a prostitute to her pimp, which is unlike the devotion rendered in any other entente cordiale. Even in spite of everything that I was doing wrong, that is to say my ignorance, which these two women were unaware of, as even I was ignorant of my own ignorance at this time, these two women were still willing to follow me, even unto death.
     So all of this, minus the turgid term myrmidon, but only because I was unaware of its existence at the time, was all typed into the keyboard of my laptop, along with a few other factors, and at the bottom of this short composition I asked one simple question to which I was given the most simple, yet sophisticated and transmutative Answer to in reply. In fact, this Answer, and I’ve capitalized the A in answer to emphasize that it was so much more than merely an “answer,” but was more to the point of my blog an elixir to a mental astigmatism that I had been suffering from for far to long. However, even after I had been presented with this magnificent and highly sought-after Philosopher’s Stone, I still knew not how to avail myself of all its magnificence and transmutative properties. In short, although my level of intelligence has always been well and way above average, this man who had given to me a stone so sought-after in the form of advice, had essentially casted a pearl before swine.

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