From Bane to Benediction

Before I begin another blog post where my last blog post ended – my acquisition of the highly sought-after Philosopher’s Stone – I’d like to quickly talk about the use and the misuse of the word pimp. I won’t yet expound on the unknown origin and the etymology of the term pimp and how it strangely and strategically became a pejorative, but I will say that in my personal and professional opinion that I think the term pimp is one of the world’s most widely applied malapropisms and, most unfortunately, the world’s most highly highjacked and misrepresented “profession.” So then let’s for the sake of this blog set aside the polemics of pimping and all personal biases, because whether you wish to condone or condemn such an esoteric enterprise, both pimping and prostitution will forever be interwoven into the fabric of our society. Rather let us, at least while we’re reading this blog, think objectively about the following disquisition by putting to good use the reason and intellect that we have all been imbued and, in so doing, let us fend off the parade of puritanical and pontificated impositions our society has so skillfully and insidiously inundated our minds with.

Now it’s well beyond the scope of my purview to say what is or isn’t “morally” acceptable. But it’s also my empirical belief that no man or woman has, or will ever have, the ability to delineate the moral periphery for that of another besides the blatant and common concerns we all, as humans, have and rightfully should have about the safety and security of our society of course. However, the subject matter of this disquisition is about pimping. Which when fragmented is comprised of great deal of concerns. And because of this reason, it is an apriori conjecture of mine that the main solicitude of society, apropos pimping, is how to permanently eradicate this ignominious enterprise; how to rid the world of such “opprobrium.” This is the term that has been designated to describe the deportment of both pimps and prostitutes alike throughout the last few generations. But has this bestowment been earned by the very people whose deportment it is used to describe? It is again an empirical belief of mine that this terminology, “opprobrium,” a term that denotes humiliation, shame and disgrace, has been both judiciously bestowed upon pimps and even worse, merited by their behaviors.

Though this verity is one that I’ve avowed to with a great deal of regret, this same truth has given birth to a even greater conviction. For the time being, that is until I’m able to expound on the matter in a much more detailed fashion, I’ll simply refer to this gestation as a sort of “reformation” to the conduct and character of pimps. And by reformation I mean not to rid the pimp of his “immoral practices,” as it is denoted in the dictionary, but rather to make better their behavior by altering, correcting and removing the defects in their deportment; a refinement so to speak. But before I can begin to successfully and convincingly give credence to my gestation, I’d like to first present and place before you my own past misconception, misrepresentation and malpractices.

Erewhile writing this blog, years ago that is, I too was one of the many who misused, misconstrued and, most unfortunately, misrepresented not only the term pimp in my speech, but likewise the act of pimping in and of itself. I won’t go as far as to say that my behavior as a pimp was exorbitantly brutal or inimical, and I use the term “exorbitantly” only because a small measure of brutality is, de facto, an exigency in the world of pimping, both physically and verbally speaking that is. But I will go as far as to say that my ignominious and ignorant efforts as a pimp did, de facto, render my actions, and lack of actions for want of a better word, precisely as inimical as society has led you to believe they were. But before your bias begins to burgeon from the depths of your bowels, please do try your best to keep it at bay because before you can fully apprehend and potentially even appreciate what’s soon to be said, you must first come to grips with my distinctiveness. And I do believe that I can easily be distinguished from not just amongst my “peers” and predecessors, but easily from mankind as a whole by the content and context of my vocabulary. But this is going to take some time and effort on behalf of both reader and myself, so please allow me to move forward with my manifesto.

By inimical, apropos my actions, I mean first and foremost not in a physical sense, albeit corporal punishment is very much apart of pimping – as it is in the rearing of a child. But by inimical I mean that my actions and lack of actions, the latter being in fact the more veritable and verifiable source of the harm that I caused, were not geared towards and conducive to the social, scholastic, somatic and spectral enrichment of the women who, of their own volition, chose to endorse my efforts. Extreme emphasis have been put on “of their own volition” because for some absurd reason it is a huge and very vexing misconception than many, if not all, women who are and/or women who are to become prostitutes and dwell under the auspices of a pimp are, simply put, forced or beguiled into prostituting themselves. Though this heinous act has unfortunately been a reality for many women, let me set the record straight, it was by no means the result of a pimp. In fact, that’s one of the many arcanums about a pimp. Women literally want to sell themselves for this man. As absurd as I know this statement may sound to a “square,” it is nonetheless still one of the most vertical and unbelievable aspects of a pimp.

Nonetheless, the long litany of perils that I’ve subjected a prostitute to are nearly endless. Not that in these many instances I was deliberately trying to harm or destroy them. But my ignorance is not a suffice extenuation for the drugs that I’ve literally pumped into the arms of heroin addicts. The methamphetamine that I’ve placed in the mouths of my “myrmidons.” And here again I’ve precisely chosen to call them women “my myrmidons.” Why? Because again, these women would’ve and were more than willing to follow me even unto death – as this was the precise destination that I was misleading them to. But at this time I was utterly and obliviously unaware of the cogency that I had and held over these women. Moreover, I believed that the most monumental aspect of “pimping,” and the only aspect of “pimping” for that matter, was simply to make money. Isn’t that the most monumental aspect of life? To make money? In the life of a pimp, yes – money is all that matters. Since then this mercenary conviction of mine has not been modified, nor will it ever. However, alongside this seemingly narrow yet necessary conviction has recently arisen another one tantamount to it in importance. And i believe that it is this newfound approach, or rather one seldom taken, that will have the potential to transmute what was once baneful – my actions – into a benediction. But for now much more needs to be said on other matters, namely how I got from point A to point B. So please pardon my many digressions and discursive writing style. Nonetheless, until we meet again.

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